Do you have a lot of Pokemon cards that are just taking up far too much room in your house well we are here to help

We are always looking to buy in collections of Pokemon cards and swap it for either in store credit or cash!

Our point system is below

Reverse Holo4p
Character Cards/Breaks50p
Standard EX50p
Standard GX70p
Standard V80p
Standard Vmax£1
Standard EX FA£1.50
Standard GX FA£1.50
Standard V FA£2

Please use the below contact form to let us know the quantity of cards you have and we will shortly get back to you

We will reimburse £3 for shipping if the quantity total is over £50 (This will be reflected on the payout once we have received and confirmed all meet our standards below)

Please note we only accept English cards at this time

Any other cards you have that are not listed above please still let us know as we may still be able to accept them

*Rates are subject to change at any time

*To redeem the points you must have a registered account on the website

*All cards need to be in NEAR MINT condition with NO whiting

Trigon Games reserves the right to decline any bulk transaction